Many of you have already made your annual donation to the Annual Giving Campaign (July to June)  and for that we thank you. Did you know that our 3 person office in DC makes all the arrangements for nearly 270 speakers every year?  They also organize our annual conference which our many Tampa Bay attendees  will confirm is superb.

BUT THIS YEAR, for a variety of reasons, ACFR particularly needs your help.  Now that ACFR has reached maturity, those foundation grants for startup organizations are much harder to come by.  In addition, if you read the headlines you know community giving is down nationwide.  Tampa Bay has led the nation for many years, averaging nearly $100 per member.     But if you really value CFR, and believe the foreign policy debate is important, as I know many of you do, please consider digging deeper this year when the need is acute.

BY CHECK: Please make your check out to “The American Committees on Foreign Relations” and mail it to

DACOR Bacon House, Third Floor
1801 F Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20006
Or take a moment to visit the ACFR website and  donate via credit card: