Important Event Information – Limited to 50 Attendees

After a successful and enthusiastic meeting in November, our December 11th meeting at 6:30 pm, will follow the same COVID precautionary format, limited to 50 members.  We will be outdoors at the Tampa Yacht Club, seated with six diners per large table.  Masks will be required until seated. Cocktails will be served at the tables to minimize mingling.  Standing microphones will be available during the Q&A to further minimize contact.  The dress code will be relaxed, business casual due to the season. Both valet and self-parking (to reduce contact) will be available. To further minimize risk, regrettably, we will not include students at this event. At the bottom of this meeting announcement, you will find the usual restrictions discouraging anyone with symptoms or otherwise presenting a risk from attending.


We appreciate the suggestions we’ve received regarding virtual meetings. Our national organization, ACFR, continues to provide valuable web-based content available to all Members. However, we believe our Members place particular value on personal Committee relationships which are not replicated in the virtual context.
Your input would be welcomed.

at dinner sept 2020

Meet Your Current Members

Friday, December 11, 2020

Admiral Eric T. Olson
U.S Navy (Retired), Senior Advisor to the Department of Homeland Security; former Commander of the United States Special Operations Command
“Ongoing And Emerging Threats: The View From Militaries Around The World.”


The American Committees on Foreign Relations is a non-partisan, national confederation of city Committees dedicated to dialogue on foreign relations between local and regional civic leaders in the heartland of America and policy makers, practitioners, and other experts drawn from both U.S. and foreign sources.